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Arcane wraith

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For the mob type with the same name, see Arcane Wraith.
An arcane wraith.

Arcane wraiths[1][2] (also called mana elementals[3]) are beings of pure mana.[4] They appear to resemble undead shades, even though they are elementals. These elementals seem to be a variant of mana surges.

The manawraiths are considered to be arcane wraiths,[2] even though they are a type of mana surge. The Tainted Arcane Wraiths also resemble mana surges.[5] Arcane wraiths and mana surges are both types of "mana elementals".[3] They may originate from the Twisting Nether,[4] appearing through a greater explosion of mana. Such an explosion may also bring these creatures to other planets,[4] though this is not the only way to call upon them. They are able to reach those worlds through different methods. One such method is being summoned by blood elves, and then controlled with help of  [Arcane Sliver].[6][5]