Arcane wraith

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For the mob type with the same name, see Arcane Wraith.

An arcane wraith.

Arcane wraiths[1][2] (also called mana elementals[3]) are beings of pure mana.[4] They superficially appear to resemble undead shades (and not wraiths), though they are in actuality elementals and seem to be a variant form of mana surges. The manawraiths are considered to be arcane wraiths,[2] even though they are a type of mana surge. Tainted Arcane Wraiths also resemble mana surges.[5] Arcane wraiths and mana surges are both types of "mana elementals".[3] They can originate from the Twisting Nether,[4] and an explosion of mana of great magnitude can bring these creatures to other planets,[4] but they can also reach other planets by other means, such as being summoned by the blood elves and controlled with  [Arcane Sliver].[6][5]