Arcanital Tula'chek

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MobArcanital Tula'chek
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Gender Male
Race Zandalari troll (Humanoid)
Level 90
Health 80,458
Location Zeb'tula, Isle of Thunder
Status Killable

Arcanital Tula'chek is the apparent leader of the Zandalari trolls at Zeb'tula. He is fought by a Horde adventurer and Scout Captain Elsia during the scenario to set up the Dawnseeker Promontory.


  • Crush the intruders. The barrier must not fall.
  • Hold the ruins. Slay them where they stand!
  • You have not seen the full might o' the Zandalari!
  • Zandalar...


  • Arcanital's Spark 30 yd range — Strike an enemy with the power of the heavens, dealing 1170 to 1230 Holy damage. Instant.
  • Waves of Light 300 yd range — Inflicts 6435 to 6766 Holy damage to enemy players in its path. 3 sec cast.
  • Wings of Vengeance — Haste increased by 100%.

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