Arcanomancer Vridiel

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NeutralArcanomancer Vridiel
Image of Arcanomancer Vridiel
Title <Blacksmithing Trainer>
Gender Male
Race High elf (Humanoid)
Level 105
Health 611,763
Mana 209,239
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Kirin Tor
Location Tanks for Everything, Dalaran (Broken Isles)
Status Alive

Arcanomancer Vridiel is a high elven blacksmithing trainer in the Tanks for Everything shop of Dalaran in the Broken Isles.


During the third invasion of the Burning Legion, Arcanomancer Vridiel studied the Nightwell and its essence. From his research, he figured that the Nightwell initially drew power from the Eye of Aman'Thul, which was imbued with the power of the titan himself.[1] After its collapse, the energies previously trapped in it complicated the influence of Aman'Thul scattered about the Broken Isles, as releasing Aman'Thul's power brought more chaos than harmony,[2] with his power growing more and more unstable.[3]

When Arcanomancer Vridiel was brought the  [Cursed Shard] - an unnatural metallic shard that shifted from color to color, and that swelled in size before melting away at one's touch, with its droplets hitting the ground with a hiss and giving out a noxious stench - he cursed Illidan.[4] The appearance of Argus over Azeroth accelerated the reaction triggered by the Nightwell's collapse, and Vridiel believed that the Legion's actions on Argus were further destabilizing the powers that people drew upon unknowingly for many years. The changes the substance had undergone since the Vindicaar departed for Argus were also alarming.[5] The reaction's intensity was accelerating by the day, and Vridiel feared they may win the fight against the Legion only to lose something very dear to them.[6]


Removed from game The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft.



Any lout with a hammer and tongs can bang steel. It takes a master craftsman to weave the very essence of the arcane into one's creations, to forge weapons of cunning as well as brute strength.

Gossip Train me.


Fire mages who have acquired  [Felo'melorn] should speak with him to gain 50 Artifact Power.

On approach
Arcanomancer Vridiel says: <Name>! Is it true? Do you wield Felo'melorn? Come, speak with me!
So the stories are true - you've recovered Felo'melorn!
Shattered during the third war, Prince Kael'thas ordered its repair. Elven blades grow stronger with each reforging, but only in the hands of the finest craftsmen.
I have never seen such a wonder. May I hold it?

Gossip You may. But only for a moment.

Vridiel sets down his hammer and holds Felo'melorn, while the adventurer appears unarmed.
Arcanomancer Vridiel says: Ah, Felo'melorn. The Flamestrike! Such craftsmanship, such elegance...
Arcanomancer Vridiel says: This is not some brutish cleaver for the hacking of flesh. It is the slender blade of a tactician. Strands of arcane energy have been woven into the steel with each fold. I can feel its heat radiating down my arms. Magnificent!
Arcanomancer Vridiel says: Thank you, <name>. I have labored a hundred lifetimes and not seen its like.
 [Felo'melorn] gains 50 Artifact Power.

Patch changes

  • Legion Patch 7.3.5 (2018-01-16): Now offers a token that transforms into a random Legion legendary for your specialization, for 1000 Wakening Essences. You can also continue to come to Vridiel to upgrade the Legion legendary items you already have for the cost of 300 Wakening Essences.
  • Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): Added.


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