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For strategy in the Hour of Twilight dungeon, see Archbishop Benedictus (tactics).
Image of Benedictus

Cataclysm Twilight Father, Twilight Prophet[1]

WoW Icon 16x16.png - Wrath of the Lich King Archbishop
Gender Male
Race Human
Character class Priest
Affiliation(s) Twilight's Hammer (Old Gods' forces)
Former affiliation(s) Church of the Light, Stormwind, Alliance
Occupation The "Twilight Prophet", formerly Leader of the Church of Light
Location Various
Status Deceased (lore); Killable (WoW)
Mentor(s) Alonsus Faol
"There is no good. No evil. No Light. There is only POWER!"

Archbishop Benedictus was a student of Archbishop Alonsus Faol and succeeded him as the leader of the Church of the Holy Light. He was later revealed as the Twilight Prophet (or Twilight Father) of the Twilight's Hammer cult after the death of Cho'gall. As such, he was a high-ranking lieutenant of Deathwing and the Old Gods, and aided them in their efforts to destroy all life on Azeroth. He was slain at Wyrmrest Temple while attempting to waylay the orc shaman Thrall and his allies.


Early life

In his youth, the kindly Benedictus was the student of Lordaeron's religious leader, Archbishop Alonsus Faol. Benedictus spent many years learning from his pious master and helped the Church of Light construct its most striking monument, the Cathedral in Stormwind. Following Faol's death, Benedictus took charge of the Church and swore to continue the good work his mentor had begun so many years ago.[2]

Just after the death of Tiffin Ellerian Wrynn, King Varian Wrynn gave him a task to find the key of Tiffin's locket. The quest would be finished a decade later as detailed below.[3]

The World of Warcraft era

Benedictus was a level ?? elite located in the Cathedral of Light in Cathedral Square, in the human city of Stormwind. It is here that he trained young priests and showed members of the Alliance the way of the Holy Light.

According to his follower, Commander Karl Philips, Benedictus was kind and wise. He asked to pity the undead Forsaken by granting them a swift death.[4]

Some time before the Cataclysm, Benedictus appointed a priest named Revil Kost to retrieve an artifact called the Cloak of Purity, which was stolen by the Dark Riders, last seen in Westfall. Truthfully though, he just wanted to get rid of the angry priest.[5]

Shortly before the Shattering, Benedictus led a memorial service for those who died from the Lich King war in Cathedral of Light.[6]

During the Elemental Invasion that heralded the Shattering, Archbishop Benedictus protected the Cathedral Square from the raging elements.

Blood of Our Fathers

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

During Remembrance Day, Varian met with Archbishop Benedictus and Baros Alexston, who were discussing plans on repairing Stormwind City, which had had been recovering from an attack by the Black Dragon Aspect, Deathwing. Much to Varian's annoyance, Baros does note that the extensive repairs to the city wouldn't be cheap. Later Varian was left with Jaina Proudmoore and Benedictus, who tried to console and counsel him about his relationship with his son. Varian revealed his concerns that Anduin may not have the strength to lead the kingdom, especially in such perilous times. Both Jaina and Benedictus assured him that Anduin has a different strength to give to the world, and as a healer, he is attuned with the Light. Benedictus notes that the times have changed, and it is clear that they must change with them. The age when hearts like Lothar's were the only way to survive may be drawing to a close. The world seems to yearn for someone new. Benedictus offers both Varian and the prince a Remembrance Day gift, in which he offered to give it to him at a special location. Before departing, Benedictus assures Varian that he believes that Anduin will have the mettle and the makings of a good king, as all Wrynn kings have.

Varian later arrived at the meeting place that Benedictus told him, Tiffin's grave at Stormwind City Cemetery. To his surprise, he was met not only with Archbishop Benedictus, but his son Anduin as well. His excitement was soon extinguished though when he saw the shock in his son's face, which revealed that he had not expected to see him. Varian asked Benedictus if the surprise family reunion was his gift, to which Benedictus said that he also had another gift to give. Benedictus then drew a glittering silver key and placed it on Varian's palm. It was the key to Tiffin’s locket, which had been lost many years ago. Benedictus felt now was as good a time to remind the two of more pleasant and fond memories. Varian was deeply moved by this gesture, and thanked Benedictus for being a good man and friend. After which Benedictus departed to give the two royals privacy for their reunion, though his farewell to them seemed a bit odd to Varian. Their tender reunion was cut short by the arrival of a group of Twilight's Hammer assassins that had followed them to the cemetery, intent on killing both king and prince. The pair fought back, with Anduin using the Light to bolster and protect his father. However, the last of the assassins managed to summon a massive drakonid as he died, which eventually overcame Varian's defenses and nearly killed him. With his father dying, Anduin conjured a barrier to protect them and dispelled the drakonid's defensive magic, allowing Varian to use the last of his strength to slay the beast. As Varian lay dying, he told Anduin that he loved him, that he was proud of him, and not to mourn him as this had always been his fate. Though Marcus Jonathan and Jaina Proudmoore wanted to take Anduin to a more secure location, Anduin refused to leave his father. Praying to the Light, he infused his father’s body with an influx of divine energy and saved his life.

Benedictus was slightly shocked to see Varian when he arrived to give his Remembrance Day speech.[7]

Twilight of the Aspects

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.
The Twilight Father

With the Twilight Cult in disarray following the demise of its leader Cho'gall, an enigmatic figure known as the "Twilight Father" has taken on a more active role in the cult's affairs. After capturing a pregnant blue dragon named Kirygosa, the sister of the new blue dragon aspect candidate Arygos, the Twilight Father makes an effort to hound what remains of the Wyrmrest Accord in Northrend. Using his twilight drakes to attack and take over the Wyrmrest Temple, the Twilight Father successfully claims the center of Dragonblight as the cult's own. His agents succeed in infecting a large amount of unhatched dragon eggs with a chromatic substance, hatching them as twisted abominations; though Krasus sacrifices himself to destroy the brood, the agents, and himself in an effort to save them from this pitiful fate. Regardless, the Twilight Father makes the temple his base of operations, and calls upon Deathwing for his new orders. In a conversation with Kirygosa, he displays a highly pious attitude and a certain love for "his children," referring to his nefarious cultist followers.

The Twilight Father has a massive chromatic dragon named Chromatus brought before the temple, and goes about finding a way to awaken it. While inactive, it is not "deceased" per se, though what exactly it would take to bring the five-headed creature out of its slumber remains elusive to the Twilight Father's captive. Shortly after, The Twilight Father is harshly berated by Neltharion after Thrall manages to survive a twilight assault. Deathwing reveals that Thrall is predicted to kill Deathwing and that as such, the former warchief of the Horde must be eliminated without fail.

The Twilight Father later meets with Arygos, the duplicitous blue dragon aspect candidate who had sold his sister (Kirygosa) to the cult prior to their hostile invasion into Northrend. It is revealed that Arygos has entered into an alliance with Neltharion, promising him the loyalty of the blue dragonflight after what will no doubt be Arygos' ascension to the aspect of magic. Arygos later fails to do exactly that, and is subsequently killed by the infinite agent Aedelas Blackmoore. Arygos' blood is used to awaken the sleeping Chromatus, who proceeds to utterly defeat the new blue dragon aspect Kalecgos even at a fraction of his potential power. The Twilight Father is elated at this, and informs Kirygosa that he plans to "mate" her with him, in order to create a more powerful brand of chromatic dragon from her clutch. Repulsed, Kirygosa successfully manages to escape the Twilight Cult's grasp, and the Twilight Father is once again chided by an enraged Deathwing for his carelessness.

Soon after, Wyrmrest is besieged by the remaining dragonflights. The Twilight Father mounts Chromatus himself; the hulking creature now at its full power. Though they successfully push back the dragon aspects, a surprise ritual initiated by none other than Thrall results in the aspects acquiring a number of powerful new abilities. Unable to counter them, Chromatus is cast down from the sky in a blaze of bright power; the Twilight Father in tow.

In a desperate bid for survival, the Twilight Father contacts Deathwing. After an initial tirade of abuse directed at the Father's failure, Deathwing composes his anger and instructs the Twilight Father to keep a low profile for a while. Neltharion uses his dark magic to materialize his Twilight Father in Stormwind City.

It is then revealed that the Twilight Father is none other than the Archbishop Benedictus himself, head of the Church of the Light and highly grateful for his second chance.[8]

Elemental Bonds

Cataclysm This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.
The Twilight Prophet in Wyrmrest Temple

Changing his identity exclusively to the Twilight Prophet[9] Benedictus was later responsible for the attack on Thrall during his quest to assist the Guardians of Hyjal, because he prophesied Deathwing's defeat by the hands of Thrall. He had deemed the former warchief to be the final obstacle to the cult's plans, and sent the newly-corrupted Archdruid of the Flame Fandral Staghelm to eliminate him. Though unable to kill Thrall outright, Fandral instead shattered his bonds with the elements and rendered Thrall's soul little more than a husk; clashing and pure emotions all that remain within. However, this plan was short lived, and with the help of Thrall's beloved Aggra he was restored to his might. Fandral would also be killed shortly after, while making his final stand in the Firelands.

Dragon Soul

Cataclysm This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.
Main article: Archbishop Benedictus (tactics)

According to Bishop Farthing, Archbishop Benedictus had left Stormwind on an important mission to assist the dragon aspects at Wyrmrest Temple. The truth of this matter, however, was far more nefarious.

For years, Benedictus' wise guidance had been instrumental in seeing humanity through bleak times. Yet beneath his apparent benevolence lied the shocking truth that he had pledged himself to the eradication of all life on Azeroth through the agency of his dark master... Deathwing and their masters. He would later be found in the Chamber of Aspects of Wyrmrest Temple during the beginning of the Hour of Twilight.

It was there that he made his final assault against Thrall, attempting to assassinate him personally, but was killed during the battle by Thrall's companions. When the adventurers returned to Stormwind after his death and informed Bishop Farthing that Benedictus was the Twilight Prophet and had betrayed the people of Stormwind, he put on a facade that he refused to believe it, telling them that he had heard another grim rumor about Bolvar Fordragon. He then told them to spread their lies elsewhere.


Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

The Twilight Father's legacy would continue, for Farthing himself would succeed Benedictus as leader of the Twilight's Hammer some time later, known now as Twilight Deacon Farthing.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Stormwind City  ?? 54,971,200
Elemental Invasion  ?? 557,800
Archbishop Benedictus (tactics) 87 6,639,520


Removed from game The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft.

In the RPG

The RPG Icon 16x36.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft RPG and is considered non-canon.

The current archbishop is a middle-aged man named Jarl, though following Church tradition he gave up his birth name when he was elected to this high position, and adopted a new, holy name.

In his youth, he was the younger son of a wealthy Lordaeron merchant, and was raised to join the family business. He found religion instead, discovering the Holy Light after meeting an old traveler one night and almost dying when a pack of mercenaries attacked them both. After recovering, Jarl petitioned to join the Church, and was accepted immediately. The kindly Jarl was the student of Lordaeron's religious leader, Archbishop Alonsus Faol. Jarl spent many years learning from his pious master. He rose quickly to the rank of senior priest, and had charge of a large town in Lordaeron when the Scourge appeared. Jarl did his best to evacuate his parishioners and then joined them in their flight to Azeroth. The Church settled him in a town there, but soon promoted him to Stormwind City instead. While there, he helped the Church of Light construct its most striking monument: the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind. He was being considered for promotion to bishop when Archbishop Faol died, and the council chose to elevate him to archbishop instead.[10] The newly named Benedictus took charge of the Church and swore to continue the good work his mentor had begun so many years before.

Benedictus is a soft-spoken man of average height and stocky build who looks more like a farmer than a religious leader. He still hates the Scourge for destroying his homeland, and has vowed to direct the Church in destroying that threat forever. Despite his quiet ways, Jarl is surprisingly adept at politics — at least in avoiding confrontation and forming alliances — and he has managed to keep the three bishops in check since his elevation.[11]


Sacrilege! Defend the cathedral!
  • Light be with you. What can I do for you today?
  • Welcome to the Cathedral of Light.
  • Be at peace.
  • You are welcome here.


  • "Benedictus" (or "Benedict") is a latin name that has been the regnal name of sixteen popes of the Catholic Church, including Pope Benedict XVI. Given that Archbishop Benedictus' position as head of the Church of Light is similar to that of a pope, it is possible that the Archbishop's name was influenced by the traditional latin name. However, Archbishop Benedictus was created when John Paul II was the pope, long before the reign of Benedictus XVI and so he could not have been named after the former pope.
  • Due to technical issues with Bolvar, Benedictus was considered faction leader for Stormwind during patch 1.4.1 for PvP purposes. The patch notes stated that he had "staged a temporary coup."
  • During the Cataclysm beta, datamined soundfiles began to circulate the internet regarding Benedictus. In a scripted event with King Varian Wrynn, he would be outed as a member of the Twilight Cult and chased out of Stormwind. The event itself took place during the Alliance version of the Twilight Highlands pre-quests, and Benedictus himself would be engaged in place of Major Samuelson. However, this event was never actually implemented in-game; his involvement with the Twilight's Hammer was not officially revealed until Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects, and was not reference in-game until the Hour of Twilight dungeon.
  • Benedictus is briefly mentioned in the novel Wolfheart. When Varian Wrynn learns that his son would like to study of the Light with the draenei Velen, he suggests that instead Benedictus can be Anduin's tutor. However, Anduin declines, saying that the Archbishop's teachings wasn't right for him, and that he felt Velen's were.
  •  [Chalice of Benedictus] and  [X'anshi, Shroud of Archbishop Benedictus] are named after him.
  • The sentient dagger  [Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire] claims that the Twilight Father had not dared wielding it, for he knew the price of failure.[12]
  • As he was a faction leader of Stormwind for a time in Warcraft history, Benedictus, Tyrande, Sylvanas, Moira and Baine are the only faction leaders that can be killed by their own faction. However, Benedictus is the only faction leader who is actually killed in the present day.
  • The priests and bishops of the Church of Light has yet to find out Benedictus' true nature, when they do it's a matter of who will replace him.
  • Blizzard originally wanted more story hooks during the three Dragon Soul dungeons to really highlight Benedictus' betrayal. Unfortunately, they didn't have the time to build his character out as much as they had hoped.[13]
  • Benedictus appears as a legendary card for the priest class in the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion for Hearthstone.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The reason why Deathwing came to Stormwind, destroyed the Park and left afterwards led to much speculation. One theory is Deathwing's appearance in Stormwind was a method of recruitment. At the end of the Hour of Twilight instance, Archbishop Benedictus' dying words were, "I looked into the eyes of The Dragon, and despaired ..." Deathwing's show of power may have swayed many of the people of Stormwind to his side in the conflict including the Archbishop. Since Deathwing needed servants and slaves to help him conquer Azeroth he chose Archbishop Benedictus to betray the Alliance and take the Demon Soul from Thrall. Killing everybody in Stormwind may have been counterproductive to Deathwing's plots. As it is unknown at what time he joined the Twilight's Hammer, this theory is entirely possible.


Patch changes

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.3.0 (2011-11-29): Removed from Stormwind Cathedral; now a boss in the Hour of Twilight.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.1 (2010-10-12): Now has a new wardrobe, greater HP, and is once again a level ?? boss.
  • Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.0.2 (2008-10-14): Level changed from ?? boss to 60 elite.
  • The Burning Crusade Patch 2.0.1 (2006-12-05): Updated for level 70.
  • WoW Icon 16x16.png Patch 1.5.0 (2005-06-07): Archbishop Benedictus is no longer the Stormwind faction leader.
  • WoW Icon 16x16.png Patch 1.4.1 (2005-05-05): Archbishop Benedictus staged a temporary coup, and has taken the title of NPC leader of Stormwind City from Highlord Bolvar! Horde seeking to take out the leader of Stormwind should focus their efforts on Archbishop Benedictus for the duration. These changes will remain until the next content patch, when Highlord Bolvar reclaims his rightful throne:
    • Archbishop Benedictus should be respawning every 2 hours.
    • Archbishop Benedictus will give 15,000 contribution points.

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