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Archilon Shadowheart is a human warrior featured in DC Unlimited's World of Warcraft: Series 2 action figure set.

Archilon appears to be wearing the Dreadnaught Battlegear and wielding  [The Hungering Cold].

Archilon has not yet appeared in any other media.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Archilon Shadowheart was speculated to appear in the Warcraft movie, according to[1]

From the Blizzcon 2007 interview with the creators of the Warcraft film, including Thomas Tull of Legendary Pictures and Chris Metzen of [Blizzard]:[citation needed] 

  • 11:50: Chris Metzen said it takes place one year before the events of World of Warcraft. It is a World of Warcraft film not a general Warcraft lore film.
  • 12:31: Chris Metzen states, "We are approaching it like X-Men or Batman begins. It is all the important pieces where it feels a lot like Warcraft, but it is a sequence of events that is really exciting. It is a reimaging of a couple of plot points in the recent history that will feel really relavent. It is a really strong take..thematically it is about a world in conflict. It is ultimately about what makes sense of the story; we don't want to just throw someone in for kicks." Then 13:42 seconds into the interview with Metzen he states "We have constructed a new hero, we don't want to say too much about him..." What the above obviously means is the following. When Chris Metzen says "It is a reimagining of a couple of plot points in the recent history that will feel really relevant," what he means is that for the sake of the film they will absolutely alter lore. He continues to state, it (Warcraft) is a really strong take..."
  • A take on a film is what the Director has as the vision for the film, and the Production Company is willing to put on film because of risk. For example, in Superman Returns, another Legendary Pictures film, Superman had a kid. In the comics he never had a kid. That was a revision or new "take" on Superman. The new James Bond is a new take on the character compared to the earlier ones, even though he is the closest to the novels.
  • At 13:25 seconds into the interview Metzen states," It is about what makes sense for the story. We don't want to just throw somebody in for kicks. We have constructed a new hero, and we don't want to say too much about him, and he is pretty bad ass..." What Chris Metzen is saying above is that characters will not be in the film that take away from the plot. He then talks about the Alliance Human Bad Ass Warrior, so the character does not yet exist in Warcraft lore. A major candidate for this would seem to be Archilon Wrynn. It is stated that the movie character has not been in World of Warcraft lore, and Varian Wrynn has certainly been one of the most, if not the most prominent character in the game lately. He is big in game and has a comic series.
  • At 18:33 seconds into the interview Metzen states that the new bad ass character is "The Anti-Thrall" Varian Wrynn has been referred as that many times. Later during the question and answer session someone asks if it is Varian Wrynn from the then upcoming DC Comics Warcraft Series. Metzen answers "No, but he may have a twin." It seems evidence points to Varian Wrynn or an obvious brother, Archilon Wrynn is the lead character of the film. Chris Metzen already made it clear that WoW Lore will be altered for the sake of the film. Why could Archilon Wrynn or Archilon Shadowheart not be his brother? I understand twins are not illegitimate, but by twin he subjectively means a Varian Wrynn type, and someone with the Wrynn last name has made an appearance. Perhaps Shadowheart is not his real name, or perhaps it is not the same character. Two actors have been named lately for the Warcraft film. David Wenham who played Faramir in Lord of the Rings. He was rumored as Arthas, and does have the appearance of the character. Mark Hildebrandt was rumored as Varian Wrynn as late as last fall, 2008. He was rumored again last month as Archilon Wrynn last month, August of 2009. He has been associated with the film for a year, and is on many websites as the character. Hildebrandt told a writer from a game website who contacted him that "If there was any contact between his agent and Legendary Pictures it would have already happened. It is not the first time I have been associated with the Warcraft film, but I am not aware of any involvement.

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