Archmage Maenius

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MobArchmage Maenius
Image of Archmage Maenius
Gender Male
Race Ghost (Undead)
Level 51
Class Mage
Health 7,334
Mana 4,506
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Lake Kel'Theril, Winterspring
Status Killable

Archmage Maenius was a powerful high elf mage that left Quel'Thalas with a large group, over a hundred years ago, in search of the ancient mysteries of Kel'thoril and to find out why it was destroyed. When they found fragments of the Crystal of Zin-Malor within the ice. It did not take long for Maenius to fall under it's sway, the other elves did not notice until it was too late. The Archmage drove them to madness.

The spirit of Maenius can be found at Lake Kel'Theril in Winterspring still clinging to the shard he found so long ago.

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  • Archmage Maenius says: You don't understand! I had to study it. I HAD TO!
  • Archmage Maenius says: Forgive... me...


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