Archmage Overwatch

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Archmage Overwatch

Archmage Overwatch is a subzone of Ashran, and the southernmost Tower of the Road of Glory. A curving path leads north down to Tremblade's Vanguard, while to the north a narrow bridge leads across a ravine to the Alliance base of Stormshield Stronghold. To the east lies the blazing heat of the Molten Quarry, while to the west the land runs down to the Alliance Mine Entrance and Ashmaul Burial Grounds.

Atop the Overwatch's tower waits the Stormshield Tower Guardian Rylai Crestfall, standing ready to smite any invaders of the zone with summoned frost and ice.

The first Alliance Tower in the zone, all Alliance players within Archmage Overwatch gain 20% to their healing and damage done. As the final defense against the invasion of Stormshield Stronghold itself, the area tends to serve as a staging area for Horde forces planning to assault the Alliance base.

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