Arctic Reach

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Arctic Reach
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  • Arctic Reach (2 ranks)
  • Increases the range of your Frostbolt, Blizzard, Ice Lance and Deep Freeze spells and the radius of your Frost Nova and Cone of Cold spells by 10/20%.

Arctic Reach is a mage talent that increases the range of Frost spells by 10% per rank, up to 20% at max rank 2. This affects the spells [Frostbolt], [Blizzard], [Cone of Cold], [Frost Nova], [Ice Lance] and [Deep Freeze]. For the direct damage, single target spells Frostbolt and Ice Lance, the projectile range is increased. For the point-blank area of effect spells Frost Nova and Cone of Cold, the radius of the area of effect is extended. For Blizzard, which is ground-targeted area of effect, the radius is not affected; instead the range at which the mage can target a ground area is extended. This talent is useful in nearly every Frost spec that uses these spells frequently.

Rank table

Rank [Frostbolt] [Blizzard] [Ice Lance] [Cone of Cold] [Frost Nova]
1 33 yds. 33 yds. 33 yds. 11 yds. 11 yds.
2 36 yds. 36 yds. 36 yds. 12 yds. 12 yds.

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