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Arcwine, one of the most important commodities for the nightborne

Arcwine or mana wine[1] is wine imbibed with the Nightwell's energies, allowing nightborne to ingest and gain sustenance from the arcane font. One of its physical properties is that it faintly glows.[2] Imbibing even a sip causes nightborne eyes to shimmer.[3] Children are usually considered too young for the drink, they thus receive "mana juice" instead that still provides nightwell infusions. However some children were given arcwine during the rationing of Elisande.[4][5]  [Mananelle's Sparkling Cider] and  [Arcberry Juice] are also sold by many vendors in the city.


During the long years of Suramar City's isolation, the night elven residents ran out of food.[citation needed]  Faced with starvation, the choice was made to utilize the magical energies as a source of nourishment.[citation needed]  The plan worked and the nightborne have since relied on the energies for more than casting spells or performing wondrous magical acts.

With the presence of the demons of the Burning Legion came rationing of the supply of arcwine, under the ruse that there was a 'shortage', to keep the city's populace compliant.[6][7] This action has opened the door for the growing resistance to reach the very hearts of the nightborne population. The resistance increased its support to the suffering citizens and attempted to stir them to action against the regime of the Grand Magistrix and the evil of the Legion.

The members of the resistance inside the city stole bottles and casks from the abundance of arcwine provided to the loyalists in order to distribute it among the common populace.[8] This was absolutely necessary to keep them from withering for another day.[9] The thieving and delivery of the arcwine became more and more dangerous, as the loyalists were becoming more observant,[10] and many wine thieves lost their life.[11]

Production process

Arcwine is made in the Twilight Vineyards of Suramar. It comes in different varieties, depending on what ingredients are used in the process such as manafruit, nightsap, berries, and shadowberries.[12]

The fruits are directly harvested from the nightborne orchards. One of them houses a species of tree that produces extra sweet fruit. The Aging Chamber is necessary to allow the juice to ferment, as time magic inside the chamber enables the vintners to shorten the process. At the bottling facilities, each bottle is sealed with magic to prevent any of the Nightwell's essence from fading, where it is then either stored or distributed. A cask of arcwine can be safely stored for hundreds of years. The distribution facility is where the vintners arrange to send hundreds of barrels and casks of arcwine out to the city. These activities are monitored by the Magistrix herself.[13][14]

The most crucial part of the winemaking process is infusing the wine with Nightwell essence, which gives it the restorative properties the nigthborne enjoy. This infusion process starts with taking up an energy vessel - a type of bowl - and using it to catch the delicate dewdrops of Nightwell energy as they fall. This is the only way one can safely manage its essence. Once the vessel full, it is poured into a cask of unfortified wine. Infusion officially makes the wine fortified.[15]

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