Argent Apothecary Judkins

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NeutralArgent Apothecary Judkins
Image of Argent Apothecary Judkins
Title <Argent Crusade>
Gender Male
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 47
Health 1,990
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Argent Crusade
Former affiliation(s) Horde, Forsaken
Occupation Apothecary, Alchemist
Location Plaguewood Tower, Eastern Plaguelands
Status Alive

Argent Apothecary Judkins is a level 47 undead quest giver located at the Plaguewood Tower, in the contested territory of Eastern Plaguelands.


Judkins once was one of Sylvanas' apothecaries. He admired her, but at some point prior the Shattering he sensed that she was changed, and that she wasn't herself anymore.

He therefore broke his vows to the Forsaken and joined the Argent Crusade, using his knowledge of alchemy to seek a counter-plague on his own. He currently dwells at the Plaguewood Tower and often sends adventurers in search of various reagents for his research on the undead plague. He seems to care for others and sometimes he travels to Terrordale to check on Augustus the Touched's state.



  • I once worked for the so-called "Banshee-Queen", Sylvanas, as an apothecary. I used to admire her, but something's changed within her. She's not herself anymore. I broke my vows with the Forsaken and joined the Crusade. Now, I use my knowledge of alchemy to seek a counter-plague agent. And the Plaguewood is the perfect place to do so.

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