Argent Crusade, We Are Leaving!

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NeutralArgent Crusade, We Are Leaving!

76 (Requires 74)





Sergeant Stackhammer at the Altar of Sseratus wants you to speak with 10 of his Argent Soldiers and tell them to report back to him.


<The sergeant quickly reads through the orders you've handed him, a frown coming over his face.>

Look, <lad/lass>, I'd love to just up and leave, but take a look out there. All of my people are fighting.

Tell you what, you've come this far, you think you're up to doing me a small favor? Head out there and round up my soldiers?

Tell 'em that the sergeant orders them to report back immediately. Lend them a hand if you will.


You will be allowed to choose one of these rewards
Inv pants cloth 09.png [Embattled Legwraps] Inv chest leather 02.png [Embattled Jerkin]
Inv belt 27.png [Valiant Belt of Battle] Inv bracer 17.png [Thick Bracers of Battle]

You will also receive: 6g 20s


I'll need more of them to report back in than that.


Alright then. We'll collect up the rest and head back to the stand.

It's a shame that we have to leave so soon. Doesn't quite feel like the job's done here, and quite frankly, I get the feeling that prophet in front of the altar is going to be big trouble!


This is a reference to the movie Aliens.In the film, Corporal Hicks yells "Marines, We Are Leaving!". This quote was also referenced in the game Halo.

When talking to the Argent Soldiers, they will whisper any of the following:

  • Careful here, <class>. These trolls killed their own snake god!
  • Watch your back. These Drakkari are a nasty lot.
  • These Drakkari are just bad news. We need to leave and head back to Justice Keep!
  • See you around.
  • I wonder where we're headed to. And who's going to deal with these guys?
  • Right. I'd better get back to the sergeant then.
  • Are you <name>? I heard you were dead.


  1. N [76] New Orders for Sergeant Stackhammer
  2. N [76] Argent Crusade, We Are Leaving!
    Side quest: N [76] Mopping Up

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