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Image of Arko'narin
Gender Female
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 48
Health 5,300 / 6,300
Reaction Alliance
Location Shadow Hold, Felwood
Status Unknown

Arko'narin is a young night elf who was formerly held captive by the Shadow Council in a cage in Shadow Hold. She is a friend of Trey Lightforge, who was tortured to death.

Despite her appearance and level of 48, she could tank quite well. During her escort quest, she had a tendency to prematurely aggro mobs. It was a good idea to clear out the rooms ahead of her before beginning the escort quest.

Escorting Arko'narin to safety was the objective of the quest N [55] Rescue From Jaedenar, which was obtained from Captured Arko'narin. She salvaged the famous sword Lightforge and attempted to take it with her to Darnassus once she was rescued.

Following the Cataclysm Arko'narin's cage is now empty, suggesting her successful escape.




So cold... and hungry.

My poor friend, I hope you've found peace. I can't stand to think about what they could have done to you.

You! You there! Please, you have to help me escape. One of them has a key, can you find it? I know they have it. If you get it, you can help me get out of here. Trey is probably already dead, but there's still time! Please, can you help me?


  • In the quest N [55] Rescue From Jaedenar, at the point where she donned her armor, she stated "Now all I need is a golden lasso." This was in reference to her whirling action as she was putting on her armor, in a throwback to the 70s TV show "Wonder Woman".
  • If you talked to her after finishing N [55] Rescue From Jaedenar, you would be told: "As you inspect the cage and the Night elf inside, you get an odd sense of deja vu. For some reason she does not make eye contact with you — it is almost as if you are not there to her." This was a reference to the fact that escort quest givers would re-appear after you save them, given that NPC phasing was not implemented until the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

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