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Ascended Flameseeker

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MobAscended Flameseeker
Image of Ascended Flameseeker
Race Elemental ascendant (Elemental)
Level 85 Elite
Health 387,450 - 542,430
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Grim Batol
Status Killable

Ascended Flameseekers can be found in Grim Batol.


  • Spell fire playingwithfire.png   Confounding Flames — The Confounding Flames inflict 1170 to 1230 (2632 to 2768) Fire damage every 1 sec and Stuns the target for 5 sec. Channeled.
  • Spell fire volcano.png   Erupting Fire — The Erupting Flames form beneath the target, inflicting 2115 to 2225 (4826 to 5074) Fire damage and knocking them up.
  • Spell shaman improvedearthshield.png   Jagged Rock Shield — Ascended Flameseeker get IconSmall BoundEarth.gif Mob Enslaved Rock Elemental soul and after that Enslaved Rock Elemental died and Ascended Flameseeker get 20 stack of this buff for 45 sec and recflect 50% of damage taken.

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