Asgrim the Dreadkiller

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For the object of the same name, see Asgrim the Dreadkiller (object).
NeutralAsgrim the Dreadkiller
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Gender Male
Race Vrykul
Location Buried in the Tomb of the Old Kings, Stormheim
Status Deceased

Asgrim the Dreadkiller was a vrykul whose hatred for the kvaldir was unmatched. He made it his life's work to slay as many of Helya's minions as possible, and his deeds were so great that Helya sent the Naglfar for him. Though it cost him his life and his warband, Asgrim sent the dread ship emptyhanded back to Helheim. After his death, the Dreadkiller was buried in the Tomb of the Old Kings on Shield's Rest.[1]


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