Ashenvale Outrunners

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For the pre-Cataclysm version, see H [24] Ashenvale Outrunners.
HordeAshenvale Outrunners
Start Kuray'bin
End Kuray'bin
Level 21 (Requires 19)
Category Ashenvale
Experience 4,100
Reputation +250 Darkspear Trolls
Rewards 13s


Kill 9 Ashenvale Outrunners.

  • Ashenvale Outrunners Killed (9)


Blasted elves! Dey knew right where to hit us!

It was dem outrunners... I tried to warn 'em that we were being spied on, but no one listened. Now look at us - cooped up here like chickens!

Never too late for vengeance, mon! Hunt 'em down and make 'em pay for what they done!


You will receive: 13s


I await reports of your outrunner kills, <name>.


Good, good!

The fewer 'a dem elves runnin' around, the better.


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