Ashvane Garb

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  • Ashvane Garb
  • Binds when picked up
  • Use: Combine 5 Ashvane Garb to create a disguise.

    Only while in Ashvane occupied areas within Vol'dun. (15 Sec Cooldown)

Ashvane Garb can drop from any of the Ashvane Trading Company mobs in Vol'dun. Using 5 of them applies the Ashvane Disguise buff for 5 minutes, disguising the player character as an Ashvane Crewman and turning all hostile Ashvane forces in the zone neutral for the duration of the effect.


Ashvane Garb has a roughly 33% chance to drop from any of the following mobs:


  • Ashvane Disguise is not broken by engaging in combat or taking damage.
  • The disguise can be dispelled by the Ashvane Overseers' Inspection ability.
  • The player has to be under the effects of Ashvane Disguise in order to accept Dockmaster Herrington's quests, as he is normally hostile to players.


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