Aspiring Starlet

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NeutralAspiring Starlet
Image of Aspiring Starlet
Gender Female
Race(s) Blood elf and human
Level 80
Health 30,951
Mana 7,988
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Schnottz's Landing, Uldum

The Aspiring Starlets are blood elves and humans attending a party held by Belloc Brightblade at Schnottz's Landing in Uldum.

Quest objective of


Exquisite weather here, wouldn't you say, <class>?

Gossip Ahh, yes. How have you been enjoying your time here?

Oh, it's been wonderful!
The commander is so confident, and that accent! I must admit, he's quite captivating.
Do you know if he's married?

Gossip Uhhh.. I'm not sure. Anything else you can tell me about him?

Word has it that some of the relics in these parts hold mystical power!
He seems to be fascinated with such things...

Gossip What do you think about the troops he's arming? Seems a little excessive, no?

I'm sorry, <class>.
I really don't know enough to discuss such things. And honestly, I would prefer to keep it that way.

During N [83] Crisis Management

<The starlet stares at you blankly.>

During N [83] Lockdown!

Oh... I wish I'd never come to this place!


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