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Assault and Battery

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AllianceAssault and Battery
Start Tinkmaster Overspark
End Tinkmaster Overspark
Level 100 - 110 (Requires 98)
Category Stormheim
Rewards Uncommon chests or gloves
14g 60s
Previous A [100 - 110] Making the Rounds
Next A [100 - 110] Lightning Rod, A [100 - 110] The Lost Legion


Recover the Transponder Battery from Dread-Rider Malwick.


We need to report our position to the Alliance navy ASAP!

I am building a new transponder to send a distress signal, but I need a battery from the Skyfire's communications console.

You'll find the console at the top of the ship - I just hope those undead haven't put their creepy, bony fingers on it yet!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv glove cloth legionquest100 b 01.png [Runespeaker's Gloves] Inv glove leather legionquest100 b 01.png [Runesworn Grips]
Inv glove mail legionquest100 b 01.png [Stormborn Gloves] Inv glove plate legionquest100 b 01.png [Dreadsworn Gauntlets]
Inv robe cloth legionquest100 b 01.png [Runespeaker's Robes] Inv chest leather legionquest100 b 01.png [Runesworn Chestguard]
Inv chest mail legionquest100 b 01.png [Stormborn Tunic] Inv chest plate legionquest100 b 01.png [Dreadsworn Chestguard]

You will also receive: 14g 60s


I cannot build a new transponder without that battery!



Pardon my language.

This thing is almost as dead as the guy you took it from. We need juice, and lots of it. I have an idea...


Pick up A [100 - 110] Supplies From the Skies, A [100 - 110] Boarded!, and A [100 - 110] See Ya Later, Oscillator before heading out.

Head downhill to the wreck and start killing Forsaken Bat-Riders and Forsaken Deathstalkers. Skyfire First Aid Kits are in Skyfire Medical Supplies crates all over the area. There's a Forsaken Deathstalker trying to use [Pick Lock] on a Treasure Chest towards the stern of the ship on the lower deck. It contains the Skyfire Engineer's Multitool and a  [Detailed Gunship Schematic]. On the top deck, in what was the bridge and communications area of the ship, find Dread-Rider Malwick, who holds the  [Transponder Battery].

South of the ship, accessed from the upper deck, is another Forsaken camp. The  [Crystal Oscillator] is found at the southernmost end of the quest area.


  1. A [100 - 110] Stormheim
  2. A [100 - 110] A Royal Summons
  3. A [100 - 110] Making the Rounds
  4. A [100 - 110] Greymane's Gambit
  5. Complete all of:
  6. A [100 - 110] Lightning Rod
  7. A [100 - 110] Signal Boost

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