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Assault on Stormheim

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Assault on Stormheim

Valarjar victory

  • Legion forces repelled
Casualties and losses


  • Moderate

Burning Legion

  • Moderate

Assault on Stormheim is part of the Legion Assaults on the Broken Isles. Odyn chooses to stands against the Burning Legion.

The conflict

An Invasion of... Murlocs?

The murlocs of Morheim have allied themselves with the Legion. The nathrezim Zemorath has gained control of the tribe and taught them the ways of fel. A demon hunter named Murgulis, goes to repel and contain the tribe by taking out their leader.


A fel lord name Idra'zuul lands on Helmouth Shallows to secure the land. Maiev Shadowsong sends soldiers to deal with him.

Feast of the Hounds

The demons have taken Felscale Cavern, presumably with the help of Simone the Seductress, who seduced her master Galius Miremoore. In there, the demons drain the vrykul spirits of their life essence. Odyn sends champions to deal with the demons and free the spirits.

Crushing the Legion

The Legion takes Gloomshore and infests it with their green fel, slowly corrupting the land by using their Fel Corruptor. Odyn sends heroes to deal with the threat.


Gelthrog lands and patrols the hills above the Cove of Nashal.Maiev sends troops to take him out.


Shel'drozul lands and patrols the road leading to the Halls of Valor. Maiev sends troops to take him out.

Congealed Corruption

A Fel reaver lands at Blackbeak Overlook and breaks apart. Green aberrations litter the ground with Amorphius being the largest. Demons in the area are trying to salvage and reconstruct the fel reaver. Odyn dispatches heroes to stop them.

Their Eyes Are Upon Us

The demons have set up operations in Amberfall Mesa.It is here where they spy on there enemies and open up portals. Odyn dispatches heroes to stop them.

Souls of the Vrykul

The demons of Storm's Reach have engaged with the local vrykul and are taking them prisoners and harvisting their souls. They are being led by Lord Kormag. Odyne sends a dispatch team.

Fel Commander Urgoz

Fel Commander Urgoz lands on the shores of Stormheim. His path is being halted by Valkyra Guardians. llidan sends troops to take him out.


The dreadlord Thel'draz travels to the Field of the Fallen Kings to raise the Ensorceled Ancestors from the dead. Maiev sends troops to take him out.

Firecaller Rok'duun

Firecaller Rok'duun goes to take Talonrest from the Talonrest Brave. Illidan sends troops to take him out.


Balnazoth goes to take Stormtorn Foothills from the Vrykul in the area. Illidan sends troops to take him out.

Bonecrusher Korgolath

Bonecrusher Korgolath assaults the outpost at Hafr Fjall. Illidan sends troops to take him out.

Colossal Infernal

A Colossal Infernal lands and patrols the land of Hrydshal. Illidan sends troops to take him out.


Magdrezoth lands and patrols the hills under Blackbeak Overlook. Maiev sends troops to take him out.


Arkuthaz lands and patrols the Stony Highlands. Illidan sends troops to take him out.

The real conflict

It has been revealed that all these demon activities where just a distraction to summon a vast army at Shield's Rest. Vethir and with a heor goes to deal with them but is taken out by their true leader, Lord Commander Alexius. Unfortunately, he is taken down by him.[1]

Odyn defends the Halls of Valor.

After Alexius escapes, he makes his way to the Halls of Valor. A val'kyr comes by and takes three heroes to the front gate. Arriving there, they free three storm drakes and fight off the allies of the Legion. After defending the gates from the demons and vrykul, they ride on the three storm drakes to the Legion ship.

On the ship, the heroes fight off against the demons and vrykul and kill of most of them. When they have done enough damaged to the ship. They go to take out Lord Commander Alexius. When the deed is done, Odyn takes out the Legion ship with one swoop.





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