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Faction Assault on Stormsong Valley

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Battle for Azeroth Faction Assault on Stormsong Valley
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Casualties and losses

Alliance Alliance Unknown


Horde Horde Unknown

The Faction Assault on Stormsong Valley is part of the Faction Assaults on Kul Tiras. The Horde attacks Deadwash and its surroundings and the Alliance defends them.

Conflict overview


Key Alliance actions



Main quest
World quests
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Key Horde actions



Main quest
World quests

The final assault


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High Warlord Cromush recalls the Horde champion near Diretusk Hollow to meet with Usha Eyegouge, Rokhan, and Rexxar because the Alliance has flanked the Horde and are pushing into Warfang Hold.

Once they've regrouped, the champion leads the assault, flanking the Alliance forces there and destroys their siege engines, siege weapons, turrets, and siege towers while also killing the Alliance forces there, including Bennel Swiftstrike.