Astranaar Sentinel

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For the world event version, see Astranaar Sentinel (War of the Thorns).
AllianceAstranaar Sentinel
Image of Astranaar Sentinel
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 30 / 40 / 110
Health 1,753
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Darnassus, Sentinels
Location Astranaar, Ashenvale[36.6, 50.4]

Astranaar Sentinels are level 30 and 100 night elves who guard Astranaar in Ashenvale. Slain Astranaar Sentinels can be around the now Horde-occupied Silverwind Refuge. Max level version only appears when Horde players approach the area.

Objective of

Patch changes

  • Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): Max level version increased to 110.
  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.3 (2014-10-28): Max level version increased to 100.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Max level version increased to 90.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.6 (2011-02-08): Max level version added.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Level reduced from 40 to 30.

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