Astrologer Jarin

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CombatAstrologer Jarin
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Gender Male
Race Nightborne (Humanoid)
Level 112 Elite
Health 118,561,904
Mana 285,263
Wealth 2g 40s 89c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Astromancer
Location Nighthold
Status Killable

Astrologer Jarin is a nightborne located in the Nighthold.


  • Celerity Zone - Summons a field of Arcane energy that increases Haste by 50% for all units inside of the field.
  • Celestial Brand - Marks nearby enemies with a brand from the stars, causing them to explode for 250000 Arcane damage.
  • Heavenly Crash - A meteor crashes down from the heavens, inflicting 9000000 Arcane damage split between all enemies within 7 yards.


  • It looks like your studies are coming along nicely. Keep up the good work.

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