Attendant Tock

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NeutralAttendant Tock
Image of Attendant Tock
Race Mechagnome (Mechanical)
Level 78 - 79
Health 11,770 - 12,175
Mana 3,809 - 3,893
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Mimir's Workshop, The Storm Peaks[32.1, 40.8]

Attendant Tock is a level 78-79 mechagnome found at Mimir's Workshop in The Storm Peaks. He helps identifying the  [Dark Armor Plate] for the quest N [80] The Armor's Secrets.

Gossip text

Greetings, <name>. This is the workshop of Keeper Mimir.


Most likely a pint-sized homage to the 'Mr. Tock' of Girl Genius comics. Though "Tock" is hardly a creative name for a clockwork creature.

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