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The augurs (or augurers) of the Zandalar tribe are revered for their gifts of the divine sight. They aren't witch doctors; they spend their time casting bones or reading the leaves for insight - not hexing people. The Zandalar prize the insight they give to the tribe.[1] Augurs know the mojo of the elements. They use it as a means to guide the tribe to glory.[2] The augurs of the Zandalar all wear a distinctive chest piece called a hauberk. It's fitted with the finest of silks and cloths, interwoven with a strong chain. It's a symbol of not only their divinity, but also of their authority. It's never wise to cross one whose life is devoted to speaking with the spirits.[3]

There are also non-troll augurs that vary between warlocks using shadow spells and casters using fire spells.

Oacha'noa offers augury for the Kalu'ak.

Starlight Beacons were used by the Highborne night elven star-augurs to focus immense amounts of starlight into a small, concentrated area. The device was mainly used during festivals, star-worship rituals, or when the augur needed to reach something on a high shelf.[4]




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