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Auto-cast is a toggle that allows a spell or ability to be used automatically. When auto-cast is active for an ability, it's signified by yellow sparkles rotating around the edges of the ability's icon. Auto-cast can be activated or deactivated by right-clicking on an auto-castable ability.

In Warcraft III

In Warcraft III, auto-cast was seen on a variety of abilities, such as Repair, Heal, Web, and Abolish Magic.

If an ability in Warcraft III can be auto-cast, its icon will have a yellow bracket in each corner:


In World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft, auto-cast is generally seen on abilities used by hunter pets, minions, and other summoned units. This includes abilities like [Growl], [Deadly Bite], and [Devour Magic].

If an ability in World of Warcraft can be auto-cast, its icon will have a small yellow triangle in each corner:

Autocastable example.png

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