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Avatar of Sethraliss

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For character biography, see Sethraliss.
BossAvatar of Sethraliss
Image of Avatar of Sethraliss
Gender Female
Race Loa (Undead / Humanoid)
Level 111 - 121 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Temple of Sethraliss[0, 0]
Status Alive

The Avatar of Sethraliss is the last boss of the Temple of Sethraliss. Rather than a conventional encounter, the party must rather heal the Avatar to 100% health in the style of Valithria Dreamwalker while dealing with adds who attempt to thwart their efforts.

After the Avatar is restored during H [110 - 120D] Temple of Sethraliss: Avatar of the Loa, it appears in the topmost chamber of the Sanctuary of the Devoted in Vol'dun.

Adventure Guide

The Heart of Sethraliss is in the grips of a terrible power that seeks to corrupt her. Her avatar must be restored before this evil takes root and she is reborn as a dark loa capable of destroying the whole of Vol'dun.



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The avatar at the Sanctuary of the Devoted, with Bladeguard Kaja, Vorrik, and Warguard Rakera.



After the encounter
The Avatar of Sethraliss is rejuvenated thanks to the efforts of you and your allies.
Gossip Please return me to the entrance.
At Sanctuary of the Devoted
This world cannot withstand the destruction that Mythrax will bring.


  • I am weakened, but I am here.
  • Order must be restored.
  • We all have our place. Mine is here.
  • I will watch over you.
  • Mythrax has no place in this world.
  • This war must end!


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