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  • Awakened
  • Obelisks throughout the dungeon allow players to enter Ny'alotha and confront powerful servants of N'Zoth. If a servant is not dealt with, they must be faced during the final boss encounter.

Awakened is a special affix for Mythic+. It is applied as a seasonal 4th affix that is added to every  [Mythic Keystone] at level 10 or higher.

Four different obelisks will be placed in the mythic dungeon. You can interact with these obelisks to go into N'Zoth's realm, gaining the Ny'alotha Incursion buff. Note that obelisks cannot be entered while in combat. Each obelisk can be seen on the dungeon map.

Entering N'Zoth's realm fades you into an alternate reality of the dungeon, blurring out the mobs and bosses in the dungeon. A specific mini boss protects each different obelisk on the alternate reality side. Clicking the specific obelisk spawns only the boss that guards it, and the boss must be defeated to return to reality.

The portal that lets you go back to reality spawns at the exact same place where the boss dies, so technically you can use this to drag the boss around and skip trash packs or areas you don't want to fight through.

If you do not click an obelisk and defeat the mini boss, it will teleport in when you engage the final boss and become part of the fight. You can find a Voice of the Corruptor N'Zoth fish that will allow you to take a buff that increases your damage, healing, and resets the [Heroism]/ [Bloodlust] debuff upon timer expiration.

Here are the four bosses:

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