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  • Azerite
  • The blood of Azeroth crystalizes into chunks of Azerite, an extremely potent and powerful material.
BlizzCon 2017 concept art
Azerite in Silithus.

Azerite is the name given to the crystallized blood of Azeroth. When Sargeras stabbed the world with his sword, it caused her to bleed her life essence all over the world. First discovered by the Bilgewater Cartel in Silithus,[1] the Alliance and the Horde are now fighting over it.[2] Magni Bronzebeard gave an adventurer the Heart of Azeroth, a relic from Azeroth herself that allows the bearer to consume the Azerite and through it, heal Azeroth.

Island expeditions will serve as the main source for Azerite, with maps for them provided by the gnomes and goblins.[3]


  • Being a titan's blood, like the Well of Eternity, azerite is arcane in nature.[4]
  • It is an extremely potent mineral that can be used to power machines and weapons.
  • When mixed with natural gas, liquid Azerite can harden quickly making it easy to obtain.[5]
  • Azerite can also form elementals.


  • Azerite has been likened to plutonium in regards to the nature of its discovery by the Horde and Alliance.[6]
  • With patch 7.3.5, Jastor Gallywix has an azerite-decorated cane.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The  [Cursed Shard] might have been an early form of Azerite as it shares a similar icon and eventually reward  [Awoken Titan Essence]. See Arcanomancer Vridiel#Background.

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