Azerite-Infused Elemental (Nazmir)

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Not to be confused with Azerite-Infused Elemental, Azerite-Infused Elemental (War of the Thorns), or Azerite-Infused Elemental (Silithus).
MobAzerite-Infused Elemental
Image of Azerite-Infused Elemental
Race Azerite elemental (Elemental)
Level 112 - 120 Rare
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Shattered River, Nazmir[54, 81]
Status Killable

Azerite-Infused Elemental is a rare Azerite elemental located in the Shattered River in Nazmir.


  • Inv glowing azerite geode.png  Azerite Empowerment — Melee attacks inflicting additional Fire damage.
  • Inv azerite empowered state.png  Azerite Vent — Inflicts Fire damage and knocks enemies up within 3 yards of the impact.


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