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This article is about a fan created Custom Map designed on Warcraft III with the World Editor. The map contains non-Blizzard information, and events are not official.
It should not be taken as representing official lore!

Azeroth Wars Legacy Reborn (or simply "AWLR") is a variant of the custom map Azeroth Wars Strategy for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne by Blizzard Entertainment. The objective of Azeroth Wars is to defeat all adversaries and control the whole map in a PvP environment. Players control notable characters primarily from Third War; Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and the Frozen Throne campaigns, such as Cenarius, Muradin, Lich King; and groups such as Silverhand Order, Magtheridon's horde etc. Players are free to change their default affiliation and make alliances with any faction thus the game has countless possibilities similar to chess.

Azeroth Wars has it's [ own Gamepedia Wiki]. Information on this page is not tend to be actual, so refer to detailed description in corresponding wiki.


Azeroth Wars Strategy was created by Augur and set primarily during the events of Third War.

Later on map was re-made into Azeroth Wars: Legacy Reborn by Avrion, Eagleman and Railen until version 1.67. Then open source was released.

Many versions of this map exist, but only 2 are updated regularly and considered appropriate and balanced.

Version 1.67b to 1.78b

The official version by clan LHoT (Lordaeron Heart of Tyra) and headmaster Thurr[LHoT] which is the one and only official clan to this day, approved by AWLR original mapmakers.

Version 1.59d

The unofficial fan made version by clan BPR. Based on pre-1.60 AWLR version, as thats when the biggest change over the map's history was done – total remake of one faction into another. Although more senseful lorewise, it changed the gameplay drastically from the genuine headspring by original creator Augur and this change wasn't accepted by old believers.


Azeroth wars is a combination of altered melee and risk. Players start with units like footmen already present. All players have an immediate threat to deal with before they can move on, and conquer the rest of the world. There are 8 levels of upgrades for physical type of units such as grunts and archers, and various researches for casters.


Every unit and building have approximately x10 reduced gold cost compare to melee. Upgrades however, keep the original cost from the melee, and their cost is increased correspondingly until cap of 8 is reached. This provides a choice: making a lot of cheap weak units and "zerging" the enemy, or invest in upgrades and have 2-3 packs of elite powerful army, which can theoretically slice through countless unupgraded adversaries' forces. The high end upgrades after level 6 are very expensive, and give only slight advantage, so its important to find a balance of quality vs quantity.


There are two types of income, same as in melee: gold and wood.


Acquired through control points. The more important control point is, the more income it gives. Typically capital cities' control points give the highest income. Control points can not be destroyed permanently and will always remain under someone's ownership, making gold an infinite resource.


Acquired by harvesters. Trees have increased durability compared to melee maps, and Goblin Merchant sells an item called "Seeds of Regrowth". Using this item near the cut trees will regrow them, making lumber an infinite resource.


Limited to maximum allowed in world editor 300, but generally this is rarely reached.



  • Red - Scourge and Cult of the Damned
  • Blue - Burning Legion
  • Teal - Fel and Dark Horde
    • based in Outland and Blackrock Mountain

North Alliance

  • Purple - Kingdom of Lordaeron
  • Orange - Kingdom of Dalaran and Isle of Theramore
  • Green - Kingdom of Quel'Thalas


  • Pink - Frostwolf and Warsong clans
    • Warsong clan can take Bloodpact
  • Grey - Bloodhoof and Darkspear clans

Night Elves

  • Light Blue, clan LHoT version - Sentinels, allied with Druids
  • Light Blue, clan BPR version - Night Elves, N/A


  • Brown, clan LHoT version - Druids, allied with Sentinels
  • Brown, clan BPR version - Naga, N/A

South Alliance

  • Dark Green - Kingdom of Arathor
  • Yellow - Kingdom of Khaz Modan


There are many objectives that players have while fighting one another. These mainly follow events in the lore. Here is a list of some of those events:

  • Red - Red can activate the plague after 10 minutes by typing -plague. When this is done, surviving villagers in Lordaeron and Dalaran will turn into Zombies. This can serve as a useful distraction for a naval assault on Stratholme.
  • Red - Sapphiron is a hostile creep in northern Dragonblight. Arthas reanimated Sapphiron in his battle against the Illidari in Northrend. Once you kill the dragon, it will spawn as a very powerful frost wyrm which can prove useful in harrassing Lordaeron.
  • Red - The Scourge may gain control of Arthas as long as he is the Prince of Lordaeron, (at level 12 he will become the King of Lordaeron). If you raze Stratholme, you will gain vision of him; once he dies, he will spawn in front of the Frozen Throne as a death knight hero.
  • Red - Kel'thuzad is unrevivable as a human at the start of the game. But if the Sunwell is sezied, Kel'thuzad will be revived as a Lich that can summon the Legion. Kel'thuzad in human form is more powerful than the Lich form.
  • Red - If brought to Ner'Zhul in Icecrown at level 12, Arthas will respawn as the Lich King.
  • Red/Blue - If Red loses Ner'zhul, either when fused with Arthas or in Icecrown, and has also killed Green's hero Sylvanas, he will receive Forsaken forces in Tirisfal Glades as a second chance. Likewise, if blue loses Archimonde and Kiljaeden, he will receive Varithmas and some undead.
  • Red / Blue - The Burning Legion can be summoned through two methods. The Book of Medivh in Dalaran Dungeons is an item that grants any hero the ability to summon the Legion. It can be also summoned through Red's hero Kel'Thuzad, if red takes the Sunwell. This building is deep within Alliance territory, however.
  • Teal/Pink - Teal may offer the bloodpact to Pink. If Pink accepts, he will lose Thrall, and Drek'thar. Pink will also become unallied to gray. By accepting the bloodpact, however, pink gains powerful Fel Orcs and a stronger Grom Hellscream.
  • Teal - Teal may acquire Mannaroth when the Legion is summoned.
  • Pink - Pink starts in a perilous position, but usually goes to Orgrimmar through boats. Once you arive, there will be 8 Quilboar mobs ready to Fight you, your forces you freed from Durnhold should suffice to defeat them, After two Minutes, the boulder wall in Northrend Durotar will fall, and Orgrimmar will be spawn. Orgrimmar gives you a +20 gold per turn Bonus, 50 food, can train peons, Blademasters and revive Heroes.
  • Pink - At the start of the game, Pink should destroy Durnholde to rescue imprisoned orcs there. These forces will augment Pink's small army and help him gain a foothold on Kalimdor.
  • Gray - The trolls are a very versatile race and have bases and researches throughout the world. This faction can research Ice Trolls at Zul'Drak in Northrend. Thunderbluff can be taken; it contains a free but lengthy synergy research for tauren and spirit walkers.
  • Gray - If Pink accepts the Bloodpact, Gray's will receive some of pink's unts.
  • Light blue - Shen'Dralar can be acquired in Eldre'thalas.
  • Light blue
    • clan BPR version - Malfurion Stormrage can be acquired as a replacement hero for Cenarius by brniging Cenarius horn to Moonglade.
  • Brown
    • clan LHoT version - Cenarius can acquire the Queen Scepter in Eldre'Thalas.
    • clan LHoT version - Furbolgs can be acquired through mastery, that requires brown to have Azhara coast control point.
    • clan BPR version - Naga can acquire the Queen Scepter in Eldre'Thalas.
    • clan BPR version - Naga can research Sunken Dominion if certain control points in Kalimdor are captured.
    • clan BPR version - Freeing Illidan. Though in the Barrow Dens at the start of the games, most Night Elves will imprison him. Naga should fight the Night Elves and try to free their Lord. If he reaches central Felwood, he will transform into a more powerful hero.
    • clan BPR version - If Illidan is brought to Hellfire, the draenei can be acquired.
  • Dark green - After 8 minutes, Stormwind Harbor gates will become operable.
  • North/South Alliance- Gilneas can be captured by any of the factions in the North or South Alliance. This powerful region gives 50g/minute.
  • Yellow - Yellow can bring Muradin to Storm Peaks, and he will acquire Brann Bronzebeard.
  • Yellow - Aerie Peak will become available to Yellow once Magni reaches it or Ironforge is destroyed.
  • Yellow - Yellow may construct the Tram; this will facilitate movement between Ironforge and Stormwind tremendously. It will also give an income bonus.
  • Orange - Theramore will spawn after 15 minutes.
  • Purple
    • clan BPR version - If Arthas reaches Level 12, the crown will spawn in the Capital Palace.
    • clan LHoT version - If Frozen Throne is destroyed and Arthas reaches Icecrown, he will become The King of Lordaeron.
  • Purple - Alexandros Mograine will appear if Stratholme and Arthas fall to the Scourge.
  • Purple - Purple will gain Kul'Tiras if Lordaeroan and Stratholme are both destroyed.
  • Green - If Silvermoon Palace falls, Blood Elves will spawn in Dalaran Dungeons. Their leader Kael has the Magical Discostick, which will allow Green to flee into Outland.


  • baseaim - This term is used to indicate a player that aims the opponent's base causing damage to unrebuildable buildings WITHOUT killing nearby enemy units. Baseaiming is generally frowned upon by many players. However the only form of banable baseaiming is pre-unally teamkill: targetting your ally base without declaring war beforehand. Attacking enemy towers/buildings without enemy units nearby is considered legal.


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In progress

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