Azj'Aqir (tol'vir)

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For the aqir empire, see Azj'Aqir.
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Gender Male
Race Tol'vir
Class Sorcerer
Status Deceased

Azj'Aqir was a tol'vir sorcerer. He was said to possess a scepter that would allow him to control a Qiraji battle tank outside of its Silithus home.[1]


It seems an unlikely coincidence that a tol'vir would bear the exact same name as the infamous insectoid empire, especially considering that there is no mention of any tol'vir in the artifact's description in the Archaeology tab. In fact, the unsolved description of the  [Scepter of Azj'Aqir] even notes how the design of the staff appears to not be tol'vir at all, but qiraji, suggests that it originated from Ahn'Qiraj but somehow ended up in Uldum, and even mentions the aqir civilizations and Azj'Aqir directly. It is thus likely that the person in charge of the mount description made a mistake.