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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

The Azotha were an ancient race, mentioned in Lands of Conflict.

They were somehow connected to the titans, evidence of the titans is somehow related to the Azotha ruins in Stranglethorn Vale.[1]


Before the Great Sundering, the Azotha were in a war against the jungle trolls, calling warriors and spies to the fight.[2] They settled in places including what is now Stranglethorn Vale (presumably around the Savage Hills), where Aron Kodosbreath searched for their ruins.[1]


  • The Arathi named the land of Azeroth as a whole in homage to their ancient ancestors.[3] This seems like it refers to the Azotha. If this is true, the Azotha were the ancestors of humans.
  • The Azotha may have been legendary for having gold, and this fact has made it into the modern dysphemism, "I'd give Azotha gold for a dull moment".[4]
  • Aron Kodosbreath made a report that is shown in Lands of Conflict. One of the titles is "The Azotha revealed", but it is unknown if it means that they found evidence of the Azotha, or if they found living Azotha.[1]


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