Azure Serpent

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BossAzure Serpent
Image of Azure Serpent
Race Cloud serpent (Dragonkin)
Level 89 - 93 Elite
Health 3,923,592 - 8,431,840
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Shado-Pan Monastery
Status Killable
Main article: Gu Cloudstrike

Azure Serpent is part of the Gu Cloudstrike encounter in the Shado-Pan Monastery.


  • Spell lightning lightningbolt01.png  Static Field — The Azure Serpent creates a Static Field at the location of a random player, inflicting 285000 to 315000 Nature damage to all players within 10 yards of the point of impact. The Static Field then persists for 15 sec, inflicting an additional 166250 to 183750 Nature damage every 1 sec.
  • Spell shaman staticshock.png  Charging Soul — The Azure Serpent shields Gu Cloudstrike, making him immune to all damage.
  • Inv battery 01.png  Magnetic Shroud — The Azure Serpent casts a Magnetic Shroud onto every player. The Shroud absorbs 150000 healing cast on each player and inflicts 12500 Nature damage every 1 sec. The Shroud overloads when healing on a player exceeds its capacity, removing the Magnetic Shroud. The overload then heals all other players within 20 yards for 75000 healing divided by the number of players within range.
  • Spell fire blueflamebreath.png  Lightning Breath — The Azure Serpent unleashes Lightning Breath within a 45 degree cone in front of him, inflicting 85500 to 94500 Nature damage every 0.5 sec. for 2 sec.

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