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B-2 Personnel Relocator

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NeutralB-2 Personnel Relocator
Image of B-2 Personnel Relocator
Race Rocket (Mechanical)
Level 100
Health 14,904
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Vol'mar, Tanaan Jungle[60.0, 47.4]
Status Active

The B-2 Personnel Relocator is a rocket located at Vol'mar in Tanaan Jungle. Interacting with it grants a short flight to the Throne of Kil'jaeden.

It is unlocked by completing H [100] Infrastructure Improvements.



A Plaque on the side reads:
Thank you for pruchasing the B-2
Personal Relocator system. Be aware
that use of the system is at your own
risk and Vol'mar Engineering takes no
reponsibillty for death or
dismemberment incurred from use

Personal Relocator features:

  • Minimalist cockpit,
  • Weight-shift adjusment turning,
  • Guided navigation system,
  • -G-X3 Beacons sold seperately.
  • Gigantic supply of fuel.

Gossip Let's fly to Throne of Kil'jaeden.

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