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Image of Ba'kon
Title <Meats>
Gender Male
Race Jungle troll (Humanoid)
Level 90
Health 393,941
Location Golden Terrace, Shrine of Two Moons

Ba'kon was a jungle troll meat vendor found just outside the Summer's Rest at the Shrine of Two Moons. A pile of dead pigs were found nearby.

It was eventually learned that Ba'kon and certain other NPCs at the Alliance and Horde shrines were removed because of performance issues due to there being "too many unique model types" in the area.[1]

Vendor information

Inv misc skeweredpeanutchicken.png 5x [Skewered Peanut Chicken]
2g 60s
Inv misc food 71.png 5x [Thick-Cut Bacon]
2g 60s
Inv misc food vendor boiledsilkwormpupa.png 5x [Boiled Silkworm Pupa]
2g 40s


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