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NeutralBack to the Sty

87 (Requires 86)




10g 20s



Find Jian, Ling, and Smelly.


I try to keep an eye on my stock, but every once in a while some of them sneak away. With all the confusion these virmen are causing, I may have let my guard down for a few moments, and some of my pigs escaped.

Care to look for them? I'd start by looking down the hill, to the west.


You will receive: 10g 20s


Have you found them? There should be three missing, I think.


There they are! Back into the sty with you three, now!

<Liang looks up at you.>

Thank you, neighbor. I'm truly grateful for your assistance.


  • 129000 XP


Pick up N [87] The Meat They'll Eat before getting started. Head down to the southwest to the combined turtle-and-mushan area and get started. The pigs are also spread out in the area, but more-or-less fixed to one location. On the return to Thunderfoot Ranch, Chen and Li Li are in attendance. Li Li is still rather annoyed at Chen's pace:

Li Li says: Here we are, FINALLY setting foot in our ancestral home, for the first time in our lives, and you want to stop and rest by a PIG FARM?
Chen Stormstout says: Be patient, Li Li. If we explore Pandaria too quickly, we will quickly run out of Pandaria to explore.
Li Li says: That... barely even makes sense! You're just saying that because you're lazy and old!
Valley of the Four Winds map
Jian @ 70.5,24.0
Ling @ 67.0,29.7
Smelly @ 70,28
Liang Thunderfoot @ 75.2,24.1


Optional breadcrumbs: N [87] They Call Him... Stormstout, N [87] His Name Was... Stormstout

  1. N [87] Chen and Li Li
  2. N [87] A Seemingly Endless Nuisance & N [87] A Poor Grasp of the Basics
  3. N [87] Low Turnip Turnout
  4. N [87] Taking a Crop
  5. N [87] Practically Perfect Produce
  6. N [87] The Fabulous Miss Fanny
  7. N [87] The Meat They'll Eat & N [87] Back to the Sty
  8. N [87] A Neighbor's Duty
  9. N [87] Piercing Talons and Slavering Jaws & N [87] Lupello
  10. N [87] A Lesson in Bravery

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