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Main leader
Theater of operations

Bael'dun is a group of dwarves sent by the Explorers' League to Kalimdor in order to make archaeological excavations. The group began to increase their military branch as problems with the tauren occurred. The dwarves set their base at Bael'dun Keep near Bael Modan, but some went over to Mulgore.


The group is separated in two parts - the scientific and the military one. The scientific branch under Prospector Khazgorm cares for the excavations, while the military branch, led by General Twinbraid secures the digsites and fights intruders. Therefore the dwarves built Bael'dun Keep and stationed a Flying machine there. They have two known digsites, Bael Modan and the Bael'dun Digsite.

Bael Modan was once a holy, ancestral birthplace of the local tauren, but the dwarves killed them all except Gann Stonespire. Here the dwarves use heavy explosives to break through even the most dense masses. The Bael'dun dwarves found here the  [Tear of the Moons], an ancient artifact, but General Twinbraid locked it away. Feegly the Exiled, exiled for trying to use the Tear, wants to regain it by ordering horde adventurers to bring it to him.

The Bael'dun Digsite is a small digsite west of Thunder Bluff. They disregarded the pleas of Baine Bloodhoof who said it was angering the spirits of the Earth.[1] The digsite is empty as of the Cataclysm, as the occupants were killed by the angry spirits of the Earth.[2]