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Unga Ingoo

87 (Requires 86)




Item level 399 weapons
20g 40s



Slay 10 Unga Fish-Getters.


The story did not end happily. The Narsong crocolisk is no more.

This time, however, you may have a chance to change the ending.

The hozen to the south are overfishing these waters. With the fish gone, the crocolisks are hungry and desperate - and so they attack Marista.

Go now, <race>! Stop those hozen from their reckless fishing!


Item level 399 weapons
Inv knife 1h pandariaquest b 01.png [Fishmonger's Blade] Inv wand 1h pandariaquest b 01.png [Waterkeeper's Wand]
Inv polearm 2h pandariaquest b 01.png [Marista Halberd] Inv sword 2h pandariaquest b 01.png [Marista Blade]
Inv sword 1h pandariaquest b 01.png [Cloudfall Sword] Inv bow 1h pandariaquest b 01.png [Marista Bow]
Inv mace 1h pandariaquest b 02.png [Marista Mace] Inv axe 1h pandariaquest b 01.png [Marista Axe]
Inv knife 1h pandariaquest b 02.png [Cloudfall Blade] Inv mace 1h pandariaquest b 02.png [Cloudfall Mace]

You will also receive: 20g 40s


Did Ana have any clue what was going on?


<Jay listens to your account of the day's events.>

I see. We'll keep an eye on the Ungas from here. And we'll do our best not to fish these waters too heavily, either. No doubt we're part of the problem, too.

Until next time, <name>.


  • 161000 XP


Head south across the lagoon to reach Unga Ingoo. Start killing fish-getters. Additionally, a one of the hozen will drop the  [Confusing Treasure Map], which starts N [87] Buried Hozen Treasure. Also, walk up close to one of the fish piles to start N [87] Balance Without Violence automatically. Near big fish piles are small fish flopping about. Interact with a small fish to throw it back in. The "buried treasure" can be found all over the beach in Lumps of Sand. Buried by Unga Treasure-Hiders, one of the sand piles may actually have something other than an  [Empty Barrel] or a  [Banana Peel]...

This completes the "Nayeli Lagoon" portion of [Mighty Roamin' Krasaranger].


  1. N [87] Sudden, Unexpected Crocolisk Aggression
  2. N [87] Build Your Own Raft
  3. N [87] The Lorewalker on the Lake
  4. N [87] Wisdom Has A Price
  5. N [87] Balance

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