Balvus Wolfheart

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NeutralBalvus Wolfheart
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Gender Male
Race Worgen
Affiliation(s) Wolfheart clan
Location Gilneas
Status Alive

Balvus Wolfheart is a member of the Wolfheart clan. The individual helping the player character was afraid that Balvus would skin him if he let the player rot in Greymane's stocks.[1]


  • In completely removed quests, Balvus was the leader of the feral worgen in Gilneas. The player, a member of the 'clan' that he led, would work with Gilneas to warn his pack. It would later be revealed that Balvus was allowing the Forsaken into Gilneas and aided them with the Scythe of Elune. This mirrors the storyline of Alpha Prime; albeit with minor changes.


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