Bandit (mob)

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For the Classic version of this mob, see Defias Bandit.
Image of Bandit
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 3 - 60
Health 49 - 2,382
Wealth 12c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Former affiliation(s) Defias Brotherhood
Occupation Bandit
Location Elwynn Forest
Status Killable

Bandits are human mobs that can be found in the following places across Elwynn Forest:

They were once members of the Defias Brotherhood.


  • Ability kick.png  Snap Kick — Inflicts damage to an enemy, stunning it for 2 sec.



  • Give me all your gold!
  • No one here gets out alive!
  • You're in the wrong place at the wrong time, <pal / missy>!


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