Bane (plague eruptor)

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Image of Bane
Title <Minion of Varidus>
Race Plague eruptor (Undead)
Level 70 Elite
Health 31,437
Wealth 14s 24c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Borean Tundra

Bane is a level 70 elite plague eruptor found in the Borean Tundra. He can sometimes be found dragging bodies of dead Warsong Offensive soldiers. He is a minion of Varidus the Flenser.


  • Chains of Anguish - Unlimited range, Instant.
  • Fool's Bane (Instant) - Bane grows angry, increasing Physical damage done by 350 and reduces damage taken by 25% for 10 sec.



  • Your souls belong to the Scourge now, mortal.

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