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Banes are Warlock debuffs. All Banes cause the target to take damage, although each has a different way of achieving this, and some have additional effects.

Only one Bane per warlock can be active on any one target. In addition, Bane of Doom and Bane of Havoc can only be active on one target at a time (per warlock), so warlocks much choose which Bane to inflict upon which target.

Banes are of the Curse dispel type, and so can be dispelled by Druids, Mages and Shamans.

All Banes are instant cast, have a 40yd range and no cooldown.

Curses and Banes

Bane spells were implemented in Patch 4.0.1, to differentiate them from Curses. They are made up of many of the former Curse spells. Only one Bane and one Curse can be active on any target at a time (per warlock).

Available Banes

Ability Reqs Duration Description
[Bane of Agony] Level 12 24 sec Banes the target with agony, causing X Shadow damage over 24 sec. This damage is dealt slowly at first, and builds up as the Curse reaches its full duration.
[Bane of Doom] Level 20 1 min Banes the target with impending doom, causing X Shadow damage every 15 sec. When Bane of Doom deals damage, it has a 20% chance to summon a Demon guardian. Lasts for 1 min.
[Bane of Havoc] 25 points in Destruction 5 minutes Banes the target for 5 min, causing 15% of all damage done by the Warlock to other targets to also be dealt to the baned target.


Improvement Type Reqs Description
[Doom and Gloom] Talent Affliction Tier 1 Increases the critical strike chance of your Bane of Agony and Bane of Doom by 4/8%.
[Pandemic] Talent Affliction Tier 6 Reduces the global cooldown of your Bane and Curse spells by .25/0.5 sec.
 [Glyph of Bane of Agony] Glyph Level 25 Increases the duration of your Bane of Agony by 4 sec.