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Banshee's Wail Swabby

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HordeBanshee's Wail Swabby
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Gender Both
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 115 - 120
Health 30,378
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Dazar'alor

Banshee's Wail Swabbies are Forsaken located on The Banshee's Wail in Dazar'alor. They also appear when the ship is on the Great Sea.

Objective of


  • Alliance dog...
  • Don't let 'em near the cannons!
  • Don't touch that!
  • For... my Warchief...
  • For...the Banshee... Queen...
  • Get away from that!
  • Hands off the supplies!
  • I'll stop this night elf!
  • I'll swab the decks with your blood!
  • Nathanos... will... finish you... off...
  • No touching!
  • Throw me... overboard...
  • Whatever you're doing, cut it out!
  • You're trapped out here... with us...

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