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The Banshee loyalists are Horde members who sided with Sylvanas Windrunner during the last stages of the Blood War, fighting against Varok Saurfang's rebels. After the Horde was reunited, they were given a chance to rejoin the Horde by renouncing Sylvanas.


After Saurfang's revolutionaries and the Alliance established themselves in Razor Hill, Sylvanas ordered her forces to collapse the canyon between Razor Hill and Orgrimmar.[1] Knowing that this was only a temporary measure, Sylvanas ordered Overlord Geya'rah and Jastor Gallywix, the only two leaders of the Horde to side with her, to prepare for battle. While Geya'rah remarked that the Mag'har always stood ready to destroy their enemies, Gallywix revealed that the mechs were good to go but remarked that they weren't cheap and that Sylvanas better be ready to pay on delivery.[2] Sylvanas and Nathanos also sought to secure Orgrimmar from internal dissident by arresting Eitrigg and burning the propaganda that dissidents within the city have been spreading.[3][4]

Seeking to weaken their enemies Nathanos ordered the loyalists to sabotage the enemies siege weapons,[5] however, Saurfang had anticipated this and ordered his revolutionaries to deal with Sylvanas's spies and protect their siege weapons.[6][7] At the same time, Nathanos sought to strengthen the loyalists' army by rallying the citizens of Orgrimmar to their cause.[8]

Though the loyalists were prepared to fight Saurfang's revolutionaries and the Alliance, the battle would never come. Instead, Varok Saurfang, recognizing the loyalists as his fellow brothers and sisters in the Horde, challenged Sylvanas to Mak'gora. When Sylvanas questioned why she should accept his challenge, Saurfang merely pointed out that she wanted him to suffer, causing Sylvanas to wordlessly agree. While Sylvanas armed herself, Saurfang was granted an axe by Thrall and Shalamayne by Anduin. Sylvanas initially had the upper hand against Saurfang, however, when she began to mock him about hope, Saurfang got his second wind by declaring that Sylvanas couldn't kill hope. As Saurfang turned the tide against Sylvanas he claimed that she failed to kill hope at Teldrassil, failed in getting the Horde and Alliance to keep killing each other, he further declared that the Horde would endure, that Horde was strong and was able to slash Sylvanas across her eye. This turn caused an enraged Sylvanas to declare that the Horde was nothing, that they were all nothing. Sylvanas then killed Saurfang quickly with a blast of unknown magic, and abandoned the Horde altogether.[9]

In the wake of Sylvanas's betrayal, most of her loyalists bent the knee to the revolutionaries, though they were viewed in a poor light by some members of the Horde. However, people like Gazlowe, First Arcanist Thalyssra, and Baine Bloodhoof would defend them, stating that they were now loyal to the Horde, and if they asked for forgiveness, it should be given, as the Horde needed to be united now more than ever. Those who refused to renounce her were bound in chains, and others were faking their disgust with Sylvanas.[10]



  • Despite their loyalty, Sylvanas had no intention of saving loyalist adventurers from what is to come.[11]