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Baron Sablemane's Blackwhelp

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NeutralBaron Sablemane's Blackwhelp
Image of Baron Sablemane's Blackwhelp
Race Black whelp (Dragonkin)
Level 68
Health 5,233
Mana 2,991
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Blade's Edge Mountains
Status Alive

Baron Sablemane's Blackwhelp is a messenger between Baron Sablemane in Circle of Blood and Samia Inkling in Evergrove in the Blade's Edge Mountains.


Samia Inkling says: Hi there, cutey! Do me a favor... ask the Baron what he wants me to do about you know what.

Baron Sablemane says: Tell her that I don't want to be connected with it at this time. The Cenarion Expedition should be more than happy to rid themselves of them.


Samia Inking says: Deal with them? How am I supposed to deal with them?


Samia Inkling says: What does the baron want?


Samia Inkling says: Has he found the one, yet?

Baron Sablemane says: No. Inform her that I'm still searching for the prophesied one that is to assist me in the battle. There are very few promising candidates.


Samia Inkling says: Tell him that they have refused his "offer".

Baron Sablemane says: Very well, but make certain she knows that the blackwhelps are to be captured first.


Samia Inkling says: Ask him how he wants to proceed, then come right back!

Baron Sablemane says: Tell her to use the druids for that!

Samia Inkling says: Tell him our Cenarion friends have been most helpful.


Baron Sablemane says: Hello, little one. What news do you bring?


Baron Sablemane says: Must I tell her every little thing to do? I have larger issues of my own to deal with here.

Samia Inkling says: Deal with them? How am I supposed to deal with them?

Baron Sablemane says: If they will not bend knee, then she is to see to it that they are destroyed!

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