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The Barovs.

The Barovs (known as the House Barov[1][2] or the House of Barov) were an extremely wealthy family in Lordaeron, owning the land which comprised Caer Darrow, Brill, Southshore, and Tarren Mill.

Not content with their enormous holdings, the Barovs entered into a deal with the human mage Kel'Thuzad, leader of the Cult of the Damned. The once opulent House of Barov became the horrific Scholomance, a school of necromancy underneath Caer Darrow. When the Barov family pledged their allegiance to the Cult, Lord Alexei Barov became an undead death knight while Lady Illucia and their daughter Jandice were turned into undead ghosts. Alexi Barov also became undead, however, he was one of those freed by Illidan Stormrage's spell and joined the Forsaken under Sylvanas Windrunner. Weldon Barov, the only still-living member of the family, was able to escape from Kel'Thuzad, eventually siding with the Alliance. How voluntarily Lord Alexei entered the deal is unknown, but after his death, Alexei's spirit tried to cleanse Scholomance of the Scourge.

Their family fortune still, in theory, belongs to them,[3] but the Barovs themselves were scattered. Eventually, Weldon and Alexi tried to reunite within the context of the Barov Industries, but they ended up betraying each other. It is unknown what happened to the deeds of the enormous family fortune.


Name Notes Status
IconSmall HumanDeathKnight Male.gif Lord Alexei Former owner of Caer Darrow, Brill, Southshore, and Tarren Mill. Spirit finds peace after Darkmaster Gandling is defeated. Deceased
IconSmall Cultist Female.gifIconSmall Ghost.gif Lady Illucia Appeared as a ghost in Scholomance. Deceased
IconSmall Cultist Female.gif Jandice Instructor at Scholomance. Deceased - Killable
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Alexi Currently on Draenor fighting Weldon for control of Barov Industries. Can become a Horde Garrison follower. Active
IconSmall Human Male.gif Weldon Currently on Draenor fighting Alexi for control of Barov Industries. Can become an Alliance Garrison follower. Alive


The family was also served by a certain number of peasant servants:

Family tree

Lord Alexei
Lady Illucia