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The Barov Peasant Caller is an heirloom bell that belongs to the Barov family. When the bell is rung, the peasants of the Barov lands will be summoned to defend their lord and lady. It summoned three Servants of Weldon Barov for the Alliance and three Servants of Alexi Barov for the Horde.

As the trinket was made unavailable with the Cataclysm expansion, only those who already have the trinket can summon the Barov peasant servants.


This item is a reward from the quest B [60G] The Last Barov which starts with:


  • When the Caller is used, it will summon 3 level 60 peasants to defend you. The peasants do approximately 30-35 damage per hit and last for 20 sec. While they don't do a lot of damage, they could previously severely hurt the casting time of a spell caster; this is no longer true as of a recent patch which changed spell pushback to a maximum of two hits for a total of one second.
  • They can be used to set off hunter's traps.
  • Despite what the tooltip says, the peasants will not cook or clean for you. They will only fight.


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