Barov family fortune

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For the quest, see N [43D] Barov Family Fortune.

The Barovs were one of the most prominent families in Lordaeron. Several major towns belonged to them, as well as a mighty stronghold on the island of Caer Darrow. This fortune still, in theory, belongs to them, even though the Barovs themselves were mostly reduced to undead slaves of the Lich King.

The Barov Family Fortune at present time exists in the form of four Deeds - documents of right to four Lordaeron townships - scattered around the crypts of Scholomance.

The two remaining heirs to the fortune, Alexi Barov and Weldon Barov, both recruit parties of adventurers to search for the deeds. It is a hard and arduous task, as some of the deeds are guarded by the most powerful members of the Scholomance teaching body.

The four Deeds are: Deed to Caer Darrow, Deed to Tarren Mill, Deed to Brill and Deed to Southshore.

Since one of these places is a haunted ruin, and the remaining three are controlled by opposing factions, it is hard to tell what any of the brothers desires to do with the deeds once they obtain them, but little is known of how exactly the property laws work in Azeroth.