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NeutralBarring Entry
Lao at Ruins Rise

90 (Requires 90)




19g 84s 50c



Lao stealthed
Cave mouth
Cave blocked

Speak to Lao Softfoot at the entrance to Ruins Rise and follow him up the trail. Then, plant the Explosive Keg at the Ruins Rise Cave Entrance.

Provided item:  [Explosive Keg]


Lao Softfoot and I scouted up the ruins to the north.

It looks like the mogu are infiltrating the valley through a cave just up the hill, and already they are sending formidable reinforcements through.

There are too many enemies to take them head on, so you'll have to meet Lao Softfoot at the entrance to the ruins.

He'll help you sneak in under the cover of stealth. Then, plant this keg of explosives at the mouth of the cave.

The rest should take care of itself.


You will receive: 19g 84s 50c


Is the cave closed?


Wonderful, <name>!

You and Lao have single-handedly crippled the mogu advance.

That is called working smarter, not harder.



Pick up N [90] Out with the Scouts before heading out.

Head out into the ruins to the northwest and start killing a path to the north. At the base of the Ruins Rise, just to the east, is Lao Softfoot, watching endless waves of five elite Shao-Tien tyrants and a magi walking down the path. Rather than attempting to constantly face them all, speak with Lao:

Tread Softly. Danger lurks ahead.
Gossip I'm ready to enter the cave.
Lao Softfoot says: Stay close to me. I will keep us camouflaged from the enemy.

Lao enables his Shadow Curtain, which drops himself and friendly nearby units into stealth with +200% movement speed. The curtain has a small radius, centered on Lao, marked on the ground. Stay within it! He will do what he can to stay away from the waves.

Lao Softfoot says: Come quickly. There is a gap in their defenses.
Lao Softfoot says: Stop. Let them pass.
Lao Softfoot says: Let's wait for the next wave.
Lao Softfoot says: Let's go while the way is clear. The cave is just ahead.
Lao Softfoot says: Wait for a safe moment, then plant the explosives at the mouth of the cave.

A red arrow points at the mouth of the cave. Wait until the wave passes by, run in, drop the explosives, and run back to Lao. Once the keg explodes, the waves of mogu will fade out.

Lao Softfoot says: Well, that should put a damper on their plans. Good work, <name>. I trust you can get back on your own.

Head back to camp.

Note that it is entirely possible to fly up, talk to Lao, then fly up to the mouth of the cave without having to stealth all the way up there...


At neutral:
Optional breadcrumb: B [90] The Golden Lotus

  1. N [90] The Ruins of Guo-Lai
  2. N [90] Out with the Scouts & N [90] Barring Entry
  3. N [90] Killing the Quilen & N [90] Stones of Power
  4. N [90] The Guo-Lai Halls

At honored:

At revered:

  1. N [90] Battle Spear of the Thunder King
  2. N [90] Battle Helm of the Thunder King
  3. N [90] Battle Axe of the Thunder King

At exalted:

  1. N [90] The Mogu's Message
  2. N [90] What Comes to Pass
  3. N [90] The Might of Three
  4. N [90] The Final Power

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