Bash'ir's Harbinger

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MobBash'ir's Harbinger
Image of Bash'ir's Harbinger
Gender Male
Race Ethereal (Humanoid)
Level 72 Elite
Health 120,000
Mana 19,854
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Bash'ir Landing, Blade's Edge Mountains[52.6, 12.6]

Bash'ir's Harbinger is an ethereal that can be summoned at Bash'ir Landing in the Blade's Edge Mountains. The Harbinger appears to be a high level lieutenant in Bash'ir's organization, and is sent in place of his master to spoil players' attempts to lure him into a trap.


Bash'ir's Harbinger has a high chance to be summoned when a Proton Accelerator Controller is used. The Accelerator summons either him or Bash'ir himself, but which one cannot be controlled. Using the Controller requires an  [Accelerator Module], which is only purchasable from the Aether-tech Master for a short time after the completion of the final wave of the Bash'ir Landing raid.


  • Do you know what you're playing with, <name>? Here, allow me to educate you and your friends.
  • Did you really think that you could fool my master into falling for your sad, little trap, <name>?
  • Bash'ir sends his regrets that he could not make it, but he sent me along to salve your disappointment.
  • I have other matters to attend to for the master. Let's make this quick so that I can get back to them.

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